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Survey of conditions regarding traffic problems in Kandy metroplitan area

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dc.contributor.advisor Kumarage, A Jayatilaka, KM 2011-06-18T05:51:04Z 2011-06-18T05:51:04Z
dc.description.abstract In the city of Kandy traffic problems have made severe impact on people by causing inconvenience and it has affected them socially and economically. In order to find pollutions, comprehensive studies have to be carried out to collect data, to analyze them for identification of problems. The extent of the study area was confined to the study of major traffic entering the city along main and trunk roads from outstations. The main entrances to the city were considered as Tennekumbura, Katugastota, Getambe, Heeressagala Junction and Ampitiya. Surveys of traffic volume and Origin and Destination were carried out to and actual traffic volumes on major roads and traffic desires of the communities. Evaluation of the present situation of main roads to the city was done based on the findings of the studies on traffic volume and road capacities. Studies were directed to find out Peak Hour Traffic, Composition of Traffic, number of Vehicles and Passengers entering the city per day. The result of the study reveals that about 40,000 vehicles and 331,000 people enter the city daily. About 50% of the total vehicles entering the city are Car/Van/ Jeep type. Origin and destination survey data shows that only about 40% of vehicles need to home to the city center and only about 15 – 20% of vehicles need to go through the city for other destinations. Out of the four main roads, situation of the Kandy – Katugastota Road is critical where widening of road or alternative road is urgently required.
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.title Survey of conditions regarding traffic problems in Kandy metroplitan area
dc.type Thesis-Abstract
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US MEng en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Civil Engineering en_US 2003
dc.identifier.accno 77771 en_US

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