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dc.description.abstract Nature has an order. Art is derived from nature. It too has an order. Architecture as the mother of all arts has an order. Environment pollution occurs when there is disorder in nature. Noise pollution takes place when there is disorder in music. Architectural pollution like wise takes place due to disorder in architecture. Architectural order depends on quality of the architectural composition. Architectural principles of Number, Punctuation and Infection introduced by Tryston A. Edward (1926) play an important role in achieving the order in visual environment. Because of the formality prevailing in principles the term formal element is used. Likewise disorder in architecture prevails when the architectural objects does not performs it role what is meant by this are, how it response to the context, how the circulation pattern function and the mood of expressions. Based on the changing facts in this activity process it is named as subjectival element. By violating Formal and Subjectival elements in an architectural product disorder will be brought. Consequent result is architectural pollution. Hence the two causal factors that lead for architectural pollution can be identified as Formal and Subjectival elements. One intention of this study was to identify these two elements with object in mind Kurunegala city from Sri Lankan context would be selected for an analytical study. Appling the two factors, described earlier an analysis will be made in the city of Kurunegala to find out as to what extent degree the architectural pollution has taken place and its impact on city character.
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dc.title Architectural pollution and its impact on city character
dc.type Thesis-Abstract
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dc.identifier.department Department of Architecture en_US 2004
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