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Analysis of the parameters affecting the performance of multiple query web based land and water geoinformation systems

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dc.description.abstract Improvements to the internet, cloud concepts, smart tools, sharing requirements, dynamic and multiuser involvements etc., have made the users to move away from desktop standalone GIS to web GIS for planning and management applications. Presently the most popular tasks that are connected with geographic locations include finding a place, obtaining information pertaining to that location, measure lengths or areas. However the tasks expected are becoming broader and challenging. Present day users require multi layer data handling and also demand the use of multiple type of data. Unlike in simple map location identifications etc., these types of activities require more time to perform and therefore the web GIS tools need to address the issue of performance to ensure that web based applications are at their best level. Maintain the performance with growing data volumes and increasing the concurrent user access is the main challenge with the Web based GIS application development. Therefore, the data, data structures, functions, function flow and development methods should be organized at the design stage of the application implementation process. Short response time for a given piece of work, high throughput, low utilization of computing resources, high availability of the computing system or application, fast data compression and decompression and short data transmission time are identified as performance evaluation criteria by the literature survey for a web based application. According to a user survey from web GIS application users, short response time was identified as the prioritize criteria.
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dc.title Analysis of the parameters affecting the performance of multiple query web based land and water geoinformation systems en_US
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dc.identifier.department Department of Civil Engineering en_US
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dc.identifier.year 2011 en_US
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