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Decision support system for bandwidth expansion according to the increment of users

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dc.contributor.advisor Premaratne S Dinuka UJH 2019 2019 2019
dc.description.abstract Considering the local context, in Sri Lanka internet speediness has become a strain issue domestically and in organization status making the promising promises of internet providers of delivering the fastest internet speed, an abortive attempt. One of the major reasons to that is giving a fixed bandwidth to the area, or fixed number of EnodeB s (EUTRAN Node B / Evolved Node B in 4g LTE). But with the increase of usage that given bandwidth becomes insufficient causing a lot of network traffic, mostly in peak times it almost becomes unusable as same as with EnodeBs becomes insufficient because too many clients connecting to the same node. The thorough analysis about this particular circumstance leads to understand that this issue has been occurred in different countries and most of the expertise has looked upon the matter. With the understanding that bandwidth expansion according to the user increment is a quite common concern which has been undergone with several suggested solutions; this research is going to explore the matter in terms of the local context considering the sample of consumer usage data of Lankabell (pvt) Ltd. The collected data will be processed through data mining algorithms. The objectives of this paper are to identify the internet speed decrements, high-risk area and low-risk area customers by using the data mining techniques like clustering. en_US
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY-Dissertations en_US
dc.subject DATA MINING en_US
dc.subject INTERNET en_US
dc.title Decision support system for bandwidth expansion according to the increment of users en_US
dc.type Thesis-Abstract en_US
dc.identifier.faculty IT en_US MSc in Information Technology en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Information Technology en_US 2019
dc.identifier.accno TH3888 en_US

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