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Generic solution for waste generation on short period power drops and fluctuations

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dc.contributor.advisor Pasqual, A Peiris, KRA 2011-07-14T06:14:19Z 2011-07-14T06:14:19Z
dc.identifier.citation Peiris, K.R.A. (2008). Generic solution for waste generation on short period power drops and fluctuations [Master's theses, University of Moratuwa]. Institutional Repository University of Moratuwa.
dc.description.abstract The research project was conducted in connection with the Waste Project of the candidate's work place, Stretchline Holdings - Global. Stretchline is a multi national company with seven Strategic Business Units (SBU) around the world, manufacturing a variety of Narrow Fabrics (Elastic). The research targeted to mini mise waste generation in one of the uncontrollable waste categories at Stretchline. The objective of this project is to design and implement an Intelligent Automatic Switching Device for machinery in the event of power fluctuations (drop span within 3 seconds) and secondly introducing the generalised concept to the industry. For this purpose, I have de. eloped a device which reactivates the machinery automatically in the case of short term power dips and cuts. The project highlights the three main advantages of automation such as rmrumising waste generation, increasing productive time and minimising customer complaints. Essentially, the project focuses on Weaving, Jacquard and Fortitube Looms. Extracts show that nearly 100kg of waste is generated in a month and 65h1's of time wasted on tagging damaged parts of the elastic on power dips' and cuts. As per the information gathered in the month of August, there were 30 power cuts recorded and operator idle time was 1950Hrs per month. The lost production and tagging time waste of the machine operators could be minimised in significant terms by implementing-the concept to the company machinery. The concept developed through the research was applied to automate Weaving looms. It attempts to further conclude how the concept could be used to automate machinery in the industry by generalising the concept. As further future work, the device could be converted to a computer system hence could be improved at any length. Therefore, I belive the concept could be further enhanced to suit many industries and minimise the cost of production by reducing waste generation due to A power fluctuations, which will maximise profits of the target industry.
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject TEXTILE MACHINERY -Switching Systems
dc.title Generic solution for waste generation on short period power drops and fluctuations
dc.type Thesis-Abstract
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US MSc en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Elect. & Telecommunication en_US 2008
dc.identifier.accno 93920 en_US

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