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An Eastern theory of aesthetics : an examination of its application in Architecture

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dc.description.abstract Architectural beauty is a quality, emotional which gives man mental peace as well as physical comfort, where both are integrated and stimulated for a physical reaction. Architectural beauty is not for enjoyment. it is a pleasure of tasting are enriched spirit, an identification of the presentation that attaches the mind, Beauty is personal and, for its elusiveness has given many definitions, and though many of them defined it for enjoyment, an Easterner saw it as a "lightening flash" that comes from his inner self, or as an inner transformation of his imprints stored from worldly life. He saw the worldly life of man is merged into problems through the contradictions of force of his surroundings, thus, searching for a relief, which itself is an expression; as the Eastern theory "Rasa", points out this expression as a conversion of particular motifs that every human being inherits where every problem that face could be related to; therefore any aesthetic representations is a dialogue between the "motif" and the "symbol" of art. As the theory of "Rasa" which has enlivened such Easter art forms as drama poetry and music, is therefore applicable to architecture as another complex art form, to taste its beauty with a contemplative manner where its symbol as a knowable representation to realize, thus, its concrete spirit to come from his own nature, culture, desires, aspirations etc, where the problems arise, and not as a "floating" beauty that doesn't pierce the heart of a particular man.
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dc.title An Eastern theory of aesthetics : an examination of its application in Architecture
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