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Meaning, materials and expression : an exposition of a positive relationship in architecture

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dc.description.abstract "There is no effect of form which the effect of material could not enhance". (George San tayana) In as much as the physical make up (characteristics) of the human body control the movements of a dancer, the question of the amount/ availability of building materials, is among the most powerful factors that determine the Kind of form, that a built form should take, In elucidation, it can be said ,that this phenomenon, has played a pre-eminent role, in building activities, from the earliest times to the contemporary, modern times. It is most important, that a built form and a choice of materials should have a close Relationship , as such an arrangement will facilitate the full realization of the expectations of designer through the use of materials. Such success and standards will require the use of materials, in a way that helps to bring out its native, intrinsic and hitherto untapped possibilities. An important point to note. IS that whilst the resources of early builders covered a limited selection of simple materials, the architects and builders of modern times, have been endowed with a virtual glut of resources - various choices. Combinations , innovations, synthesis, etc, that could be used for building activity. An equally important point to note. is that the remarkable expansion, in material resources, is not a phenomenon, that has grown of its own accord, but is actually a positive response to stupendous and a ceaseless increase in building activities-housing, commercial, industrial, that has taken place, the world over ever since, the expansion of economic activities following on the Industrial Revolution in Europe in the 15th century. Concurrently cognizance, has to be given to the supplementary factor, 1.e. that the boon. In the production of new and innovative materials. has actually, served as a strong stimulus to the growth and expansion of building activities This situation, has in a sense. created confusions problems on the score of as to whether' the full range of new materials/ sophisticated materials, would really meet an actual builder's consumer demand or not. Notwithstanding the above, the principal point to note, is that the Plethora of new material sand technology, that has entered the market, over the years has proved a effective means of aiding new built forms and appurtenant spaces to be completed to comply with contemporary needs and ideas. The advent of new materials, technology. such as steel, concrete and more significantly prefabricated and per-stressed concrete contributed to a complete revolution in the building industry, with the completion of bigger , higher, stronger and more fascinating built forms, to meet both housing and commercial needs, They opened the way to dramatic changes in architectural disciplines, styles and the character of urban and city landscape. It is also important to state that this unprecedented growth, new trend and dimension in the use of materials and technology also made a sizable contribution to the generation of the desired architectural expression and the ensuring of the user comfortable environment. In the built forms that were completed in the contemporary world. I venture to think that this synopsis on the topic of my Dissertation. "Meaning Materials Expression: an exposition of a positive relationship in architecture" cannot be considered as completed, without a brief comment on the status and significance of its intrinsic worth. Initially it is appropriate to confirm that the three elements/components meaning, materials and expression are inextricably and inseparably intertwined and it is not possible to attach any real significance or position to them, specially. In the context of their relationship to the built form and the built form's relationship with the user and people. unless they exist and operate together in unison. However It is correct. at the same time to take note of the fact. that the meaning element. is the key and leading one among the three. It may be likened to the source or spring of the built form out of which the other elements flow and from which they derive strength and vitality. Of course taking this view does not imply that the other two elements are not significant: in fact, they are significant and act as essential agents for strengthening the meaning element, making it more meaningful and conveying its message to its user/observer and vice verse. These factors. collectively help to throw light and establish the magnitude and depth of the subject, that I have undertaken, for the purpose of my dissertation. None the less I regard it as an exciting challenge to probe in to a field that is both complex and rich and from which certain valuable impressions and conclusions, could be drawn. In the circumstances, it is my sincere hope, that this Dissertation, the diverse ideas and observations, set out in it. will be found acceptable" stimulating and thought-provoking to the leamed body of persons who will bestow me the honored reading, appreciating and evaluating it.
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dc.title Meaning, materials and expression : an exposition of a positive relationship in architecture
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