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Elements in defining domestic space : roles, functions and possibilities

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dc.description.abstract People are involved in the modification of their environment in such a way to accommodate their activities where proper explosion of that space; by means of color, texture, lighting, furniture, plants and appliances are employed to enable those activities. This is indeed to make the function of the space efficient, comfortable, appealing and sensually and mentally stimulating for the inhabitant.However most people fail to understand the roles, functions and possibilities of the "elements" in defending the interior space meaningfully. An interior that does not work might be the decorative furniture, or colorful paintings or an interesting piece of sculpture, but if the interior does not work for its stated function, it fails at the most important level of design. The study examines the notion and essence of inner space as a livable domestic environment. The interior elements such as fixed and non-fixed elements play serious role as ornamentation. Quality and appearance promoting ways rather than the functional requirements in the inner space as a whole. It attempts to say defining of inner space with appropriate component in meaningful need, serious examination. In the illustrated chapter, study discussed the usage of "elements" in the formation of domestic space in selected situations in traditional rural settlements, contemporary villages and the urban (single and apartment) housing situations. Finally, it concluded that, the contemporary living spaces, specially in urban situation, are much more complex ed, therefore, brutal and struggle for the inhabitants. It is therefore clearly that there is a need to be conscious of the defining of domestic space as a livable inner environment. This is indeed a major task for the architect.
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dc.title Elements in defining domestic space : roles, functions and possibilities
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