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Cost of software quality (CoSQ) contribution towards, gaining higher return on investment in software development projects

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dc.contributor.advisor Ekanayake, LL De Silva, OWW 2011-05-17T06:41:17Z 2011-05-17T06:41:17Z
dc.description.abstract Information Technology plays a key and decisive role in the modern business world. Along with the ever increasing importance and the decisive role of Information Technology, Software Development has taken a prime place in the holistic context of Information Technology. Under the said circumstances, there arises the urgent need to have carefully planned, efficient quality assurances processes for these software systems. It is essential to put it place more accurate prediction of the potential costs and anticipated benefits of various quality assurances technically within a particular project as it facilitates for economically rational decision making. The main goal of this research is to obtain an enhanced understanding pertaining to the examination of the impact of cost of software quality towards deciding the level of return on investment applicable to the software development projects. The sample of this research was formed within Virtusa private limited in Sri Lanka who especially involved with IT project management responsibilities in organizations. Data was gathered from a corporate database and also through a structured questionnaire. The main findings of the research shows once the company has identified its key processes and established adequate process control, quality can be easily linked to financial performance. It also reveals that the Software development project's ROI is a widely used approach for, measuring the value of a new and improved process or product technology, convincing managers to invest money and effort in improvement, and convincing them that the company can help solve structural problems, estimating how much effort to invest to solve a certain problem or estimating whether a certain intended benefit is worth its cost, deciding which process improvement to implement first as many organizations must prioritize these due to timing and resource constraints. Limitation of this research was the small sample space. Although it was deemed that formal interviews and forum discussions would greatly benefit the purpose of this research, such research methodology could not be performed
dc.language.iso en en_US
dc.subject civil engineering-dissertation; project management- thesis; information technology-project management; software development-quality control; quality control; virtusa private limited
dc.title Cost of software quality (CoSQ) contribution towards, gaining higher return on investment in software development projects
dc.type Thesis-Abstract
dc.identifier.faculty Engineering en_US MBA en_US
dc.identifier.department Department of Civil Engineering en_US 2009
dc.identifier.accno 94813 en_US

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