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dc.description.abstract With ageing, the sustainability of the level of service of water supply in a pipe network may be adversely affected due to the reduction of flow rates caused by corrosion or scale deposition in pipes. In this study, attention is focussed on the effect of scaling on frictional losses in pipes and increased roughness values for pipes, based on experimental investigations, are presented. The influence of scaling on the performance of a small pipe network is analysed and relevant design issues are discussed.
dc.language en
dc.subject Ageing
dc.subject Pipe Flow
dc.subject Scale Deposition
dc.subject Friction Loss
dc.title Ageing of pipes and sustainability of water supply
dc.type Article-Abstract
dc.identifier.year 2009
dc.identifier.journal ENGINEER
dc.identifier.issue 3
dc.identifier.volume -
dc.identifier.pgnos 42-47

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