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dc.description.abstract Architecture is an art which provides meaningful places towards qualitative and quantitative components of spaces in relation to allocated activities. Its various attributes help to create appropriate environmental qualities in the built environment . "Too much space smothers us much more than if there were not enough" -Gaston Bacillary(1958, Pg.221). Space is the nothingness that defines the outer world. The enclosure and its changing degrees in relation to the objects emerge as the quality of space towards quantitative Hardness. In order to adhere to the qualitative vocabulary of architecture; it is essential to cultivate an awareness between the reality and our feelings, where the latter derives what is essential in our life style. The visual impression creates a mood in one's mind which he can recall when necessary. The visual mood created by the visual scale, texture, colour and the quality of the built form helps to nourish the soul through providing the correct balance at the necessary moment. In reality, it is the degree of Hardness which provides the soul with the quality which is appropriate in the composition of balance in relation to built enclosures. Times, Hardness as a quality of enclosure is examined through examples from the past and the present context of usage. In reality, it is an effort to convince the importance of the concept as a process of enriching spaces.
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dc.title Hard architecture : an examination of the concept
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