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Socio economic impact analysis of home composting as a solution for solid waste management at local authority level

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dc.description.abstract The reduction of household waste has been identified as a key component of waste management strategies throughout world. There for home composting has been highlighted as a potential component of the Government's sustainable waste management strategy in Sri Lanka. CEA has started subsidized compost bin distribution program through local authorities. Project is called' pillisaru, and several NGOs donate funds for these programs under CEA's supervision. Other than that some NGOs has started to donate compost bins freely and conduct total implementations and awareness program with the help of community institutions and local authorities. Building on research findings from a study that investigated household attitudes and actions towards waste in Sri Lanka, this paper considers an approach to investigating, household waste management behaviour, and attitude of people regarding home composting; check whether there is any active participation of householders with the home composting in a waste minimization exercise in the home. Investigations, of above has done through questionnaire surveys and quantifying the amount of waste reduction roughly. Further this paper reviews the subject of home compo sting in terms of finding barriers in implementation of the home cornposting programs and identify root causes for these barriers. And check whether effect of these barriers in discouraging the use of compost bin in house level. Other than that this study analysis physical characteristics of compost available from each composting bin and check weather direct usability of available compost as soil conditioner. Finally this will emphasis the cost effectiveness of compost bin subsidiary programs against its benefits towards local authority as well as bin users.
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dc.title Socio economic impact analysis of home composting as a solution for solid waste management at local authority level
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