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Understanding and mitigating project delays in donor funded road projects in Sri Lanka

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dc.description.abstract Delays in donor funded road projects have become inevitable, and an endemic problem in Sri Lanka hindering effective use of foreign aid granted for such projects. The aim of this research is to identify the factors causing project delays that are significant and to present the strategies identified and recommendations developed to mitigate the project delays in donor funded projects in Sri Lanka. The research was approached by setting a frame work on the project management processes. A road map was then developed to identify the major value adding activities in this context. A comprehensive literature survey and semi-structured interviews were carried out with professionals involved in the donor funded projects to identify the causes of delay. Further, 24 projects have been examined for quantitative data on time delays. The study identified general factors causing delays in donor funded road projects in Sri Lanka contributing to various stages of the projects namely initiation, planning, execution, and monitoring and control. The study revealed an alarming result that, during the execution process, increase in quantities had significant effect on the project time and accounted for about 56% of the delays on the projects examined. The results also indicated that errors and omissions in detail design, changes in specifications and scope, were the most prevalent sources of quantity increase. Further, during the planning process, the procurement of works activities was delayed by 23% mainly due to shortcomings in contract documents and approvals from relevant agencies. In this context, the developed process model for action to direct the implementation of donor funded road projects recommends, to incorporate design constructability review as the major value adding activity in order to minimize the project delays. A rigorous approach by the executing agency is essential to make the aid more effective, accountable and transparent. Finally, areas for further research were identified.
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dc.title Understanding and mitigating project delays in donor funded road projects in Sri Lanka
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